Managed instances limits and quota

As a managed instance provider, we have defined some quota and limitations to the managed instances service, in order to ensure that we can provide a high-quality service to all of our customers.

Managed instances come with two types of quota limits:

  • the amount of bandwidth a project can use monthly;
  • the number of domain names that can be associated with a project.

The "bandwidth" refers to the amount of data that can be transferred between our infrastructure and the internet per month, both inbound and outbound (this includes all incoming and outgoing traffic).

A "domain" is counted for each individual domain or subdomain added to the project. Please note that and are counted as two separate domain names. If a user adds both to their project, it will count towards the total number of domain names they have added.

Free Plan

The Free Plan allows users to add up to 2 (sub-)domains to their project, with only 1 APEX domain and use up to 1GB of bandwidth per month.

For example, a Free Plan:

  • can use and
  • can not use and (2 APEX domains)
  • can not use, and (3 subdomains)

Please note that if a user is using the free service plan, they cannot proxify traffic, but only serve 3xx or 404 responses. As a consequence, this limit is high enough to allow a very large number of redirects each month (several millions), without any additional charge (each request / response will use some bytes for the headers).

There is no specific limit on the amount of HTTP request the platform can handle monthly.

Paid Plans

Our paid service plans allow users to add more domain names per project than the Free Plan, and offer up to 100GB of bandwidth per month. Details are given in the table below:

Plan type Max APEX domains Max domains and sub-domains
Starter 2 5
Pro 5 10

There is no specific limit on the amount of HTTP requests the platform can handle monthly.

Dedicated infrastructure availability

Please note that the traffic of all our customers goes through a mutualised platform, infrastructure, and IP address (even though each projects is handled by a dedicated node). If a user or company requires a dedicated network infrastructure or IP address, they can contact us to set this up.

SLA (Service Level Agreement)

The uptime of our managed instances and its network reachability is guaranteed at 99.9%, except for unforeseeable event or issues that we are not responsible for (see examples below). We will measure the uptime based on a continuous monitoring of the configured domains.

If our service is unavailable for more than 0.1% of the time in a given billing period, we will provide a credit to the user's account as follows:

  • Availability between 99 and 99.9%: a credit equals to 10% of the current billing period price is applied to the user account.
  • Availability less than 99%: a credit equals to 20% of the current billing period price is applied to the user account.

The following situations are excluded from this SLA:

  • Any downtime resulting from user actions or inactions, including but not limited to incorrect configuration of the service, insufficient system resources, or user-inflicted service disruptions.
  • Any downtime resulting from scheduled maintenance, which we will provide notice of at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Any downtime resulting from force majeure events, including but not limited to acts of God, acts of governmental authorities, fires, floods, earthquakes, civil unrest, acts of terror, strikes or other labor problems, or Denial of Service or Internet service provider failures or delays.

The SLA is detailed in our Terms and Conditions.

Going Overquota

If a project goes overquota, it won't be directly shut down nor limited. Instead, we will get in touch to adapt the pricing according to the actual usage.

Additional traffic will be charged per 100GB buckets, with a price ranging from €7 to €15 euros excl. taxes/month per bucket, depending on the amount of additionnal buckets required.

Additionnal buckets required Monthly price, per bucket (billed monthly or yearly, with the same recurrence as the project)
1-10 €15 / month or €180 / year
11-20 €12 / month or €144 / year
21-50 €10 / month or €120 / year
51-100 €8 / month or €96 / year
101+ €7 / month or €84 / year

Above 100 additionnal buckets, please contact us so we can propose you a dedicated infrastructure.

Contacting Us for More

If you require more bandwidth or domain names than what is offered in our paid plans, please contact us for a specific proposal, we will be pleased to help.

This page has been updated on March 21st, 2024.
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