What is redirection.io?

redirection.io is a Web traffic redirection manager. It provides a collection of tools for website administrators, SEO agencies and developers, which help analyze HTTP errors, setup HTTP redirections and monitor the traffic efficiently.

Usually, HTTP redirections are setup using web servers facilities, which may not be very flexible and easy in complex project configurations: the SEO expert may not know the adminsys team, and therefore adding, changing or removing redirection rules can sometimes be somehow difficult. redirection.io provides a complete control panel, which lets SEO experts be autonomous in the traffic and the redirections management. In minutes, a full redirection map can be built, tested, and applied to the production.

Among other features, redirection.io tools include:

  • save and analyze traffic logs
  • track the most common HTTP errors
  • setup simple or advanced redirection rules
  • test new rules against the website "real life" trafic
  • visualize the traffic and HTTP errors evolution

During websites major revamps, the urls often change (even though we all know here that this is a bad practice). There are many good reasons to change URLs: the main categories of the website may change, the technology may change, some cosmetic URL adjustments may be done during the website overhaul, etc. While such changes can be annoying for a personal blog, it can be truly disastrous for eCommerce websites: if Bob, your visitor (your "client", indeed) hits a 404 error when trying to read the "/cat-15/unicorn-tshirt.php?id=a817" page, then Bob may simply fly away and never order a piece of your beautiful unicorn shirts collection.

Here comes redirection.io: our solution will track such errors and propose to fix them with "redirection rules". Bob's browser will get redirected to the shiny new "/products/shirts/unicorn.html" page, buy it, and make your business continue to conquer the world 💰💰💰

Using redirection.io also has a positive impact on the well-known post-migration traffic drops. Search engines do not like it much when a bunch of URLs suddenly changes. It creates confusion, ranking drop, and usually leads in a 20 to 40% traffic drop in that cases. Once again, eCommerce or advert-financed website will be hit in the face: after a hard migration work, exactly when he expects his brand new website to perform better, the website owner will have to face a drop in his incomes - not the perfect production day you would want. Using redirection.io, the SEO expert or the website owner is able to easily fix the errors found by search engine bots. Your high ranking is safe, the sun continues to shine.

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