How does it work?

Discover how performs in a fast, resilient and secure way to unlock
your traffic management and SEO optimizations as a fully-managed SaaS service can be used as a fully managed SaaS service, using our highly performant, robust and resilient CDN. This is the easiest way to use that will get you onboard in a few minutes.

The fully managed SaaS service offers all the same features like the "hybrid" offer. You may use it to redirect blank domains, or to manage the traffic of your real website.

A SaaS service and a reverse proxy

The design includes two main parts. The management GUI, called the “manager”, is hosted online in a secure and scalable infrastructure. The agent, installed on your infrastructure, is responsible for logging your traffic and applying redirection rules on your website.

The whole platform on your servers

In this deployment mode, the complete platform is installed on your servers. This setup mode is perfectly convenient for companies that have strong security requirements, or which need to host themselve all the components used by their Web platform.

On-premise deployment can be done through a virtual machine to be deployed on your orchestrators, or through a set of docker images, made available on a private registry.

Robust & resilient

The solution is robust and resilient per design. Once the agent is installed on your website, all the traffic management operations are performed on your infrastructure, meaning there’s no dependency on the platform.

The redirection rules that you configure are synchronized every 20 seconds on your infrastructure by the agent, and stored both in memory and on the disk, to have a local cache of the rules.

All the requests matching, analysis, and management is performed on your servers, meaning that your website continues to work smoothly, and the redirects continue to work, even in case of a temporary failure of our SaaS platform.

Very fast and performant. Manage high traffic with ease

The agent is very fast at analyzing and scoring requests, and it can handle very large amounts of redirects.

The order of magnitude of a request analysis and matching is the microsecond (10-6 seconds, one thousandth of a millisecond). Our benchmark suite includes load testing on several rulesets sizes, to test the performance and concurrency capacities of the agent.

We outperform mainstream servers whatever the size of the redirection plan. Using saves load from your infrastructure and prevents the performance of your application servers to drop due to a large amount of configured redirections.

Your infrastructure, your rules

The SaaS is never called synchronously when requests are handled by your website. Only the agent, installed on your infrastructure and very performant, is involved in scoring the requests and performing actions on the response.

Should our SaaS go down, your website will never slow down or have issues: the configured rules are stored on your infrastructure as local hot and persistent caches.

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Available as a full SaaS service or an
On-Premise deployment

There are many ways to add to your website. Our offers range from a “fully managed SaaS” service to a specific on premise deployment on your own servers.

Please contact us for a customized offer.

Find out about our offers

Fully managed SaaS

  • all the platform is managed on our servers
  • configure your domain DNS to route your traffic through the instances
  • works in minutes
  • automatic SSL is provided

Hybrid SaaS & hosted

  • the GUI is available on the SaaS platform
  • the redirectionio-agent is installed on your infrastructure
  • fast, secure and resilient

On premise

  • the whole platform is deployed on your own servers
  • fast, secure and resilient
  • professional support included
  • complies with your company’s requirements
Bilal Sebaa

Without, we would have been stuck with doing traditional redirects, which were a burden for our developers. Now, we’ve completely relieved them thanks to this easy-to-use tool.

Bilal Sebaa
SEO Manager, Dayuse