About us

Why redirection.io

redirection.io has been created to fix a recurrent issue in Web projects.

As a Web Agency specialized in complex projects, JoliCode is used to refactor Websites, which often generates many questions and worries about SEO-related topics. About every time, one of the last "big story" to appear during a website overhaul is the redirections management, which can really be a nightmare when your technical team is 100% focused on building the missing pages and features within the client deadlines. Imagine how annoying and counter-productive it is when the SEO guy asks 10 times a day to "please dude, can you add a new redirection rule in the Apache configuration", while you only have less than one week to build the missing features "the product-owner-did-not-tell-before-but-we-really-really-really-really-need-it".

This is why we initially created redirection.io: to fix this issue once for all, and be able to focus on what really matters for us: building the best products for our clients. Incidently, we soon realized that redirection.io was a small revolution for our friends the SEO experts. At least, it was something new that gave them much more flexibility and productivity, and empowered them to get the best possible search engine rankings. Finally, fixing these damn redirections wouldn't be an issue anymore!

Who is behind redirection.io

The team behind redirection.io is located in Paris, France. If you want to send us love letters, please feel free to use our contact form!

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