Project notifications

This feature is only available in "Pro" plan projects. provides a notification center, which can help your collaborators get aware whenever some event occur in your project:

  • a crawl is started or completed;
  • a rules import is completed;
  • a new ruleset is published.

Setting up notification channels

Notifications can be sent through several notification channels: email, to a Slack channel, or to a webhook URL.

Using an email notification channel might be useful, for example, to share the occurrence of events with a company mailing-list.

The Slack channel will display a nicely formatted message in the channel of your choice in your company Slack workspace.

An example Slack rule publication notification

The Webhook channel can be used to allow for some automation. For example, you may want to clear a caching-reverse proxy when a new set of rules is published. Or, you could want to log all rule imports in a custom logging dashboard. When you use the webhook channel, notifications are sent as POST HTTP requests to the specified webhook URL, and come with a json-formatted payload that contains useful information about the event.

Or course, you can create several channels of the same type, if you need to notify different groups of people.

Creating a notification channel takes only a couple of steps:

  1. Click the "Add a notification channel" button
  2. An example Slack rule publication notification Choose the notification channel type (Email, Slack or Webhook)
  3. Configure the channel properties. Each channel must have a name, that you can use later on to help you identify the channel when configuring event notifications.

Adding an event notification

Once at least one notification channel has been configured, you may add an event notification to your project. This notification will be sent every time the event occurs.

  1. Click on the "Add an event notification" button
  2. Choose the event type
  3. Configure the event
  4. Choose the notification channel(s) this notification must be sent to
  5. Enable or disable the notification. If the notification is disabled, it will simply not be executed.

Want more notification events or channels? Please let us know!

This page has been updated on March 28th, 2024.
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