User documentation

This User Documentation contains detailed explanations and HowTos for SEO consultants, marketing managers or website webmasters. Learn how to get the most out of create performant redirect plans, setup SEO traffic rules, analyze the HTTP logs.

  • What is is a solution to manage your website's technical SEO issues with ease, and fix problems in a matter of seconds. This page explains what is and which solutions it provides for improving your frontend quality.

  • Starter's guide

    The mission is to help our customers discover their websites traffic issues and help fix them as easily as possible. This guide explains the first steps to perform in order to get work in your website.

  • What are organizations and projects?

    Learn what are organizations and projects, and how to manage users within Configure the permissions (read / write / contribute / etc.) of users and read how to restrict their actions within projects.

  • Invite new collaborators

    Collaborating on a redirection plan is pretty easy! Read how to invite coworkers to your organization or project.

  • User account and preferences

    This section explains how to configure your user account. Learn how to setup Two-Factor authentication, manage your email address, or change your notifications subscriptions.

  • Using traffic logs

    Learn more about how to analyze the traffic logs of your website. This page provides detailed strategies on how to filter and aggregate the requests processed by your website, in order to quickly detect issues that require corrective action.

  • Create a rule

    This page explains how to create redirect rules using, and how to configure general settings of your redirection plan: URLs case sensitivity, marketing parameters support and forwarding, marker templates, publication history, etc.

  • Triggers and markers reference

    This is the reference page for all the rules Triggers and markers that can be used in redirect rules. Learn how to create rules based on a URL pattern, the presence or value of a HTTP header, the HTTP method, the IP address or the response status code generated by your website.

  • Actions reference can perform much more than just redirects! It is a SEO proxy, which helps fixing many SEO technical issues: edit response HTTP headers, change the HTML meta tags, change the robots.txt content, and much more!

  • How to bulk-import or export redirection rules?

    This page explains how to import thousands of rules at once using CSV files using our flexible importer. Import hundreds of thousands of rules with ease, find errors and fix them in a few clicks.

  • Managing instances

    In the "on-premise" setup, instances are server softwares installed on your infrastructure hardware, to run redirections without any network latency or traffic limits. Learn how to check and monitor the agents running for your project.

  • Project notifications

    This page explains how to configure project notifications, to be notified when certain events occur in your project.

  • Project segmentation

    Learn how to create segments in your projects, to categorize rules and restrict the members permissions.

  • How much does it cost? offers three plans, depending on the data retention and the level of service that your project requires. This page gives details on the upgrade path and the limits of each plan.

  • Can I use for free?

    Find out more about our "free forever" redirection offer and the duration of the free trial.

  • About us provides the right tools to manage HTTP traffic with ease, get aware of browsing or SEO issues, and fix them right away with a friendly solution. This page explains why we created and which benefits you can get from using the solution.

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