redirectionio-agent - Changelog

1.7.1 - 28-11-2019

  • Fixed matching for URLs containg special characters in querystring

1.7.0 - 26-11-2019

  • Rework router and matching library by using libredirection
  • Add MATCH_RULE command (used by proxies in next versions)
  • Various fixes on rule matching
  • Allow to set a number of cached items (instead of on/off flag), this system will cache hot paths in priority
  • Added a proxy inside the agent (experimental)

1.6.0 - 01-04-2019

  • Added support for test instance mode
  • Added support for body filtering
  • Added support for header filtering
  • Send proxy version in logs

1.5.0 - 15-02-2019

  • Send request method in logs
  • Send agent configuration, for debugging / support purpose
  • Add API for filtering body and headers from proxy

1.4.0 - 18-01-2019

  • Handle markers in query string
  • Rework transformers (uppercase / dasherize / ...) when using markers
  • Set correct default listen for agent to match the one in the documentation and proxies
  • Remove key in the default config, it should now be sent by the proxy
  • Better support for % encoded chars and emoji in urls
  • Add support for match on response status

1.3.1 - 15-11-2018

  • Avoid waiting in proxy when agent did not receive rules from backend (it will return a no match)
  • Prevent agent from running the same project multiple times (concurrency issue)

1.3.0 - 31-10-2018

  • Correctly shutdown agent on SIGHUP
  • Multi project support:
    • Proxy has now the responsability of having the key and sending it to the agent in each command
    • If no key provided it will use the one define in the configuration
    • If no key is present in the configuration and in the proxy command, agent will send error to the proxy
    • Key directive is deprecated in config and will be removed in 2.x
    • Cache is also per project and will create a new directory when necessary
  • New protocol for API with proxies, to support nginx and apache modules
  • Old protocol is deprecated and will be removed in 2.x

1.2.1 - 28-09-2018

  • Fix rule count sent to backend

1.2.0 - 24-09-2018

  • Avoid storing logs if not logging
  • Add support for smart rules lists
  • Rework rule update to ensure last rules are in the agent

1.1.0 - 20-08-2018

  • Log everything (not just redirect and errors)
  • Flush logs every 5seconds
  • Drop logs which cannot be sent
  • Agent does not log on its own anymore, delegate this responsability to the proxy
  • Rework rule matching system:
    • No more split between simple and complex rules (everything is a rule)
    • Use a tree matching system to greatly improve performance (matching under the millisecond even on large rule set)
    • Support for markers and transformers

1.0.2 - 04-07-2018

  • Persist rule on disk if possible to start agent with existing rules before doing the first request
  • Compress logs sent to the backend to limit bandwith
  • Improve stability when sending logs

1.0.1 - 20-04-2018

  • Send scheme in logs and redirection
  • Support windows build

1.0.0 - 27-02-2018

  • Initial release
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