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  • Create your first redirections

    Learn how to create redirections on your website easily! Building a redirect plan and monitoring the traffic of a website can be a hard work, we are here to help!

  • rules cookbook

    This article of our knowledge base explains how to create conditional redirection rules: http to https redirects, redirecting a subdomain, how to redirect only when a 404 is about to happen, etc.

  • Setting up a redirection server on Azure Cloud

    This knowledge base article explains how to setup and configure on Microsoft Azure Cloud to act as a redirection reverse proxy, that can be use to manage redirections on your main domain, or for managing redirections on additional domains that you own.

  • Structured data and Rich Snippets

    The structured data testing tool provides and exhaustive support for validation. Learn the concepts of structured data, and how to implement them on your website.

  • What is a URL redirection?

    Learn the differences between the different HTTP redirection status codes, and what effect they have on your traffic and SEO

  • Using on or Symfony Cloud

    This article explains how to integrate in your or SymfonyCloud PaaS hosting environments.

  • Why use URL redirections and how to setup

    When should HTTP redirects be created on a website? This page explains the reasons why it is important to monitor your HTTP traffic, and to build a sustainable and scalable redirection plan. is one of the solutions to perform this type of optimization, for SEO purpose and for the comfort of your users.

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