Structured data validation tool

Our strutured data validation tool offers a robust and extensive validation experience.

Validate structured data code

Structured data are an efficient way to embed information in web pages, that search engines can use to propose better search results to users.

The vocabulary is rich of more than 800 structure definitions, which allow to define many concepts. Our structured data validation tool ensures that the json-ld code embedded in your web pages is valid and can be used with profit by search engines.

Extensive support

Our validation tool extensively supports the vocabulary, including multiple types compound objects, the ability to use Role objects as a replacement for any property, the Action -input and -output constraints and correct litterals validation.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do you run the validation?

    Our validation tool is based on the specification, with additionnal requirements and recommendations based on Google's structured data search gallery.

  • How does this tool differ from Google's structured data testing tool?

    We provide a more complete validation experience than Google's structured data testing tool, by strictly validating types and formats defined in the specification. Also, we enforce the validation of properties requirements and recommendations based on Google documentation, which strangely the Google structured data testing tool does not always manage.