Web App Manifest Validator

The Web App Manifest validation tool on this page allows you to quickly detect errors in the design of your manifest.json file.

Web App Manifest validation is integrated into the redirection.io crawler, which enables you to quickly analyze all the pages of a site, so you can easily determine priorities for future improvements, whether to the content, structure or technical features of your website.

The request will be issued with the following User-Agent:
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; redirection-io/1.0; +https://redirection.io/)

Crawler included!

redirection.io comes with a full featured crawler opened to paid projects. Our crawler is fast, reliable and allows to easily spot quality, performance, SEO or content issues.

More than 60 indicators are collected for each crawled page, allowing to get detailed insights on a website quality, as long as a general overview of the website rating.

Discover the issues in your website, and fix those directly, in a matter of seconds, using our SEO rules engine!

Preview of the redirection.io website crawler in action