The HTTP redirection manager is the perfect tool for managing HTTP redirections for businesses, marketing and SEO. We make your visitors never hit a 404 error again. Each day, saves web traffic and reduces SEO drops.

Catch all 404 errors

Simple and advanced redirection rules

Setup simple 1:1 redirection rules, or complex ones, based on regular expressions. Use the expressivity of our redirection rules management engine to leverage huge traffic gains!

Track down
HTTP errors

Get notified on the most recurrent HTTP errors, fix them, and progressively improve the shape of your web traffic. Never miss a sale again because of a broken link!

Test new rules against
real-life traffic

Before applying a new ruleset, you can test its impact on real life traffic, and visualize in a smooth way how it would have changed your website behavior in the past.

Improve the
users experience

Getting a 404 error is never a good experience for a website user. Be nice to your visitors, and propose them a HTTP errors-free experience! They could give it back to you by making more purchases.

The perfect assistant for SEO managers

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  • Observe and react

    After starting a new project with, your agent will start collecting traffic logs, and it will propose new redirections to set up. You decide which ones to enable to improve the global traffic shape.

  • No development skills required

    Once is running on your website, you do not need a single developer for adding, changing or removing redirection rules. Say bye-bye to adminsys/SEO mailwars!

  • A complete dashboard

    From the "manager", you can view the traffic in real time, set up new rules, play A-B tests, and more!

Developers friendly

Built by developers, has been designed to be reliable, easy to setup and maintain

  • Reliability and robustness

    Our product is used by large-scale websites and is widely tested. Our testsuite ensures that all possible redirection cases have been addressed. Our solution is resilient, so your redirections don't break even in case of a SaaS outage.

  • Optimal performance's agent is as fast as hell. The compiled binary can handle 20k+ HTTP redirection requests per second on a small box and scales easily.

  • Easy onboarding

    Starting with is pretty straightforward: install the agent, create your project, copy your key and use one of the available integrations: you're done! And if you request it, we're always here to help.

Install the agent and run it as a reverse proxy:

$ sudo apt install redirectionio-agent

Hook in your app requests flow:

        listen: ""
        forward: ""
        project_key: SOME_PROJECT_KEY_HERE

The agent will proxify requests to your usual backend, and filter them based on the rules!

Detailed install guide

Install both the agent and the nginx module:

$ sudo apt install redirectionio-agent libnginx-mod-redirectionio

Then, declare the project key in the nginx Virtualhost:

server {
    root /path/to/root;

    # get your own project key in the manager:
    redirectionio_project_key SOME_PROJECT_KEY_HERE;

Detailed install guide

Install both the agent and the Apache 2 module:

$ sudo apt install redirectionio-agent libapache2-mod-redirectionio

Then, declare the project key in the Apache Virtualhost:

<VirtualHost *:8080>
  DocumentRoot /path/to/root

  # get your own project key in the manager:
  RedirectionioProjectKey "SOME_PROJECT_KEY_HERE"

Detailed install guide

An example of integration code
Carole Texier is an important tool for the Orpi Web platform. We've been using the solution since we redesigned our sites several years ago, and it has allowed us to make a smooth transition, really limiting the number of 404 errors our visitors would have encountered.

As part of the ongoing operations, we use to monitor traffic, detect errors, and add redirects when the address of certain content changes. It's easy to use and allows us to act quickly, without needing the intervention of developers to deal with this type of issue.

Carole Texier
Digital Project Manager, Orpi France