Starter's guide is available in several setups, depending on your infrastructure and requirements. on your own infrastructure

In the traditional setup, users run the agent on their own infrastructure: on your infrastructure

In this setup, starting your journey with is quite fast:

  1. create an account;
  2. create an organization and a project. At this step, you may want to invite your co-workers ;
  3. install the agent on your hosting platform;
  4. have your website use's agent - we provide several integrations and proxies;
  5. head to your project's dashboard, start analyzing traffic logs and set up some redirection rules
  6. see your agent being updated and the rules applied. Enjoy ✌ for Cloudflare users

In a traditional Cloudflare setup, Cloudflare acts as a http proxy, and proxifies each and every request to your application, completely hiding your stack. You can however take advantage of Cloudflare Workers to make more from Cloudflare, and directly run "on the edge", without even using your own infrastructure. If you are interested in using with the Cloudflare Service Workers, please contact us! We will be happy to drive you through the setup.

Cloudflare with setup

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