Project segmentation

This feature is only available in "Pro" plan projects.

When dealing with website traffic data, being able to segment the information is a crucial feature.

"Pro" plan projects can define segments at the project level, which help organize rules and can be used to restrict the permissions of users within the project.

Organization and project Administrators can add, edit and delete segments under the "Segments" tab, in the project settings:

The list of segments in a project

In order to add a segment, click on the "Add a segment" button, and fill in the form:

Segment creation lateral panel

You can add as many conditions as you want: all the rules for which the "Source URL" starts with one of the provided strings will be considered as part of the segment.

Once segments have been defined, it is possible to filter rules based on these segments (a new "Segments" filter is displayed in the rules filter bar), and the project members can be attached to one or more segments, to restrict their rules edition permissions.

This page has been updated on March 28th, 2024.
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