How fast is it?

Speed and performance have always been in our minds when developing the's agent.

With very large redirection rulesets (more than 100k redirection rules), the measured impact of using on a single http request is less than one tenth of a thousandth of a second. Under the same conditions,'s agent can support more than 20k+ queries per second, which is far more than the average website traffic.

setup reqs/s
nginx serving a 1k static file disabled
24582 reqs/sec.
nginx serving a 1k static file
redirection enabled, loaded with 100k rules
19761 reqs/sec.

Of course, this measurement will change based on your rules setup, nginx configuration, network conditions, etc., but the overall performance impact of using should remain marginal.

We constantly monitor the performance of our agent, as we believe that SEO improvements do not have to come at the price of speed or performance. Be sure that efficiency and speed are a central topic in the way is built.

Should your platform need to support more traffic, you can of course scale your infrastructure and add agents (which is strongly advised for redundancy and high availability).

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