Actions reference

Actions are the operations that a rule must perform, and which can be defined in the first step of the rule edition form. This page presents the various action types supported by


The Redirection action generates a HTTP redirection.

If you are unfamiliar with HTTP redirections, please read first our guide about what is a URL redirection.

You can setup two parameters:

  • the target of the redirection (ie., the URL that the user must be redirected to). This can be a relative or absolute URL (starting with http:// or https://).
  • the status code of the redirection - choose if it must be a permanent or temporary redirection;

Redirection action

Page not available

The Page not available action allows to "drop" traffic at the proxy level, by sending a 404 or 410 response. If you have recently removed content from your website and want to instruct bots and visitors to stop visiting these urls, the Page not available action can be useful and help save traffic on your backend stack.

Of course, you have to be quite careful when using this action, as this will willingly generate HTTP errors!

Page not available action

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