Cloudflare Workers integration

In a traditional Cloudflare setup, Cloudflare acts as a http(s) proxy, and proxifies each and every request to your application, completely hiding your stack. You can however take advantage of Cloudflare Workers to make more from Cloudflare, and directly run "on the edge", without even using your own infrastructure.

Cloudflare with setup

Using with Cloudflare Workers is pretty straightforward:

  1. create a account;
  2. create a organization and a project. At this step, you may want to invite your co-workers ;
  3. instances listhead to the "instances" screen of your project, and hit the "Setup using Cloudflare Workers" button
  4. This opens a lateral panel that will guide you through the install of on Cloudflare Workers. Basically, you will be asked to create a Cloudflare API token for your account, configure a Zone ID, an Account ID and a Worker route (all these informations given by Cloudflare)
  5. You're all set :-)

When we issue an update of our agent, it is automatically deployed to your Cloudflare account, so your Cloudflare Workers agent always stays up-to-date. If you do not want us to auto-update the worker, uncheck this option in the instance settings

This page has been updated on April 16th, 2021.
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