How to mass-import or export redirection rules?

Importing redirection rules is a productive way to add many redirection rules at once. supports importing .csv files.

The import screen can be accessed from the "Rules" screen:

  1. project dashboardhead to the dashboard of your project
  2. Rules menuhit the "Rules" menu link
  3. "Import rules" buttonClick the "Import rules" button, on the upper right corner of the page
  4. Select a valid csv file
  5. Please take care to check the "Enable these rules" checkbox if you want to directly enable these rules once the import is completed. Else, you will have to enable it afterwards.
  6. Hit the "import rules" button. Your rules will be imported shortly - this may take up to 30 seconds. Should there be mistakes in your file, they will be displayed so that you can fix them and try again to import your redirections file.

Format of the import file

  • The CSV file must use the , symbol as a separator, and have exactly 3 columns (if omitted, the third column will default to the 302 status code):
    • source url
    • target url
    • status code
  • The CSV file must not contain a header line. Here is an example of a valid import file example:
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