The public API is now available

We strongly believe that using the manager is a nice way to manage the traffic of websites at scale, and that it offers many nice features to create redirects or traffic management rules.

However, there are some cases where you would want to avoid using the graphical interface to create redirection rules:

  • to create a large number of rules, if the CSV import format is not flexible enough for your requirements;
  • to create a rule when a given event occurs (for example, when the URL of one page changes in your Content Management System);
  • when you want a complete control over the created rule (attach many markers, use complex triggers or actions, etc.).

There are indeed many cases where it may be desirable to be able to create rules without human intervention! This is why we have launched, earlier this week, a new version of our public API. In a few words, the newly available API endpoints allow to retrieve the projects of an organization, list both the published and draft rules, create, edit or delete rules (and drafts), publish the draft changes.

The API supports all types of triggers, actions, markers and variables - which means that web traffic automation can be taken to another level!

An OpenAPI specification is available at and a tutorial has been published in our documentation. Let us know your feelings about our API!

👉 API documentation: