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redirection.io launches its crawler

Since a long time, redirection.io offers a complete logging of all the HTTP traffic. This is very useful, as it gives a complete overview of the real traffic that your website receives, and helps us to build traffic dashboard and set priorities on which issues to fix first.

However, we wanted to go further and propose a proactive way to find issues within our customer websites. As part of our website HTTP traffic monitoring, we are opening today in private beta a brand new website crawler that our team has been working on quite heavily lately: the redirection.io website crawler.

The redirection.io website crawler makes it easy to spot issues on your website: broken links, thin content pages, duplicate meta tags, slow pages, etc. More than 60 indicators are extracted for each crawled page, which gives an exhaustive understanding on how a website behaves, and which optimizations can be setup to improve its technical SEO. The crawler is completely integrated in the redirection.io manager, and we believe that it is a perfect complement to our redirection solution to help you find issues in your website (and fix them with redirect rules!).

The access to this crawler is offered for free to our paid customers during the beta period. Request a trial to the redirection.io crawler ➡️