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The redirection.io agent is now also available as an ARM binary

After growing requests from our customers for an ARM version of the redirection.io agent, we will now propose such ARM builds in our packages repository.

ARM is a processors architecture which can be used as an alternative to the more traditional x86 architecture. Many Cloud providers now propose ARM instances, which can sometimes offer a better price/performance ratio, and can be a good solution to host the redirection.io agent as a reverse proxy.

The ARM version of the redirection.io agent is available as a tar.gz archive in our repositories, from the new release 2.4.2 and for all future releases. For example, the version 2.4.2 is available in the folder https://packages.redirection.io/dist/stable/2/any/2.4.2/ (see the "aarch64" files):

Index of /dist/stable/2/any/2.4.2/
redirectionio-agent_2.4.2-1_any_aarch64.sha256sum    08-Sep-2022 15:03         188
redirectionio-agent_2.4.2-1_any_aarch64.sig          08-Sep-2022 15:03    10424675
redirectionio-agent_2.4.2-1_any_aarch64.tar.gz       08-Sep-2022 15:02    10526417
redirectionio-agent_2.4.2-1_any_amd64.sha256sum      08-Sep-2022 14:50         186
redirectionio-agent_2.4.2-1_any_amd64.sig            08-Sep-2022 14:50    10012569
redirectionio-agent_2.4.2-1_any_amd64.tar.gz         08-Sep-2022 14:50    10084589"

The latest version of the stable agent is also always available in https://packages.redirection.io/dist/stable/2/any:

We do not propose distribution-specific packages for these ARM versions for the moment, so you will have to build your own systemd unit service file to run the agent. However, the agent tar.gz archive contains a redirectionio-agenty.service systemd file, that you will usually want to put under /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants:

Description=Redirectionio Agent
After=network-online.target remote-fs.target nss-lookup.target



ExecStart=/usr/bin/redirectionio-agent --config-file ${RIO_PATH_CONF}/agent.yml


You are now ARMed to perform smooth redirections on your website! ✨

redirection.io takes part in the OVHcloud #EcoEx21

Last week, we have taken part to the #EcoEx21 online-conference - the "Ecosystem Experience" is the yearly grand-meeting of OVHcloud, the european leading hosting company. The online-conference covered many infrastructure topics during 2 days, on november 16th and 17th.

Our CEO, Xavier, shared a talk with Aline Passelègue (Marketing Manager, OVHcloud Marketplace) and Laura Berger (Global Channel Manager, Scaleflex / Cloudimage) to explain how SaaS products help businesses improve their online presence and optimize their ROI using quality tools.

The replay of the session is available on the EcoEX21 website.

A long relationship 💛

At redirection.io, we are long-time OVHcloud partners and are proud to be part of the close ecosystem of this european tech champion. The infrastructure provided by OVHcloud helps us build a scalable and performant infrastructure, to collect and process hundreds of million lines of logs per day. With several PoP, the technical solutions offered by OVHcloud make a good ground to build on, and allow our customers to benefit of a reliable and performant service.

Xavier Lacot during the EcoEx21 session "Having your e-shop is just the beginning; now it’s time to optimize it."

The question of Web performance

When asked about the notion of "Web performance", Xavier explained that web performance cannot be only measured based on the raw speed or the responsiveness of a Web platform, but that it is indeed made of a collection of many indicators. Does it perform well from a business point of view? Does it work well under all traffic conditions? Do media and linked assets load in a fast way? Does it help improve the brand perception, or on the contrary does it have a negative impact on your image?

How to monitor your growing business?

As a business grows, it can become quite complicated to monitor the scalability of its Web platform. Just like a real "physical" business will require some care, your online shop needs monitoring and preventive actions: does the site still work when there are many customers at the same time? What happens when a product becomes out of stock? How can you make sure that all the pages work, not only your homepage and the main category pages?

It appears that the solution is not only a technical one - the reliability of your online business can not only rest on the shoulders of your tech team, but there is a need to empower non-technical managers and provide them with the right tools to optimize the website from a business point of view.

A great source of information are the website's own traffic logs - analyzing the path of customers will learn you a lot about what to optimize on your web platform. redirection.io is a great way to collect traffic logs in real-time, perform customer analysis, and learn about issues that you wouldn't be aware of instead (and, of course, fix those issues).

Xavier explains how to use traffic logs to spot issues on a website

Online SaaS tools and ROI

For sure, SaaS solutions and external tools do cost some money. However, you do not necessarily need to see those tools as a cost, but as an investment to improve your web platform. A professionnal website usually requires a dedicated team, ranging from developers, UX designers, marketing managers and customer support. The ROI of using quality tools is almost always immediate, as they allow your team to work in a more efficient and organized way, which will in turn generate more revenue.

The OVHcloud marketplace is a great way to find quality tools, which have been curated and chosen for their quality and high potential. Also, we recommend searching for other customer advices, asking for demos, and choosing performant products. However, keep in mind the "Less is more" principle, and use external solutions with care to avoid clutter your website with unnecessary javascript tags and solutions that would only slow down your website and make the user experience painful.

See you for the OVHcloud EcoEx22

The conclusion of the talk is all about ways to optimize a growing e-shop. There are SaaS solutions out there to monitor your traffic without making it a tech-savvy headache! Your non-tech team can also contribute in concrete ways to the good performance of your web platform.

A big "thank you" to the OVHcloud team for inviting us along with Scaleflex for this talk. Rendez-vous next year for the OVHcloud #EcoEx22!

Check out our new status page

Following the incident that affected our production infrastructure on March 10th, we have recently launched a new public status page to inform our customers of the current status of our platform and be able to clearly communicate when the service is down or disrupted.

The status page informs about several components of our infrastructure: our public website, the rules management interface, our APIs and endpoints, etc. You can find this page at https://redirectionio.statuspage.io/

In the mean time, we continue to perform the improvement actions listed in the post mortem of our last outage. We are also adding some exciting new features that should be coming soon... Stay tuned!