The agent is now also available as an ARM binary

After growing requests from our customers for an ARM version of the agent, we will now propose such ARM builds in our packages repository.

ARM is a processors architecture which can be used as an alternative to the more traditional x86 architecture. Many Cloud providers now propose ARM instances, which can sometimes offer a better price/performance ratio, and can be a good solution to host the agent as a reverse proxy.

The ARM version of the agent is available as a tar.gz archive in our repositories, from the new release 2.4.2 and for all future releases. For example, the version 2.4.2 is available in the folder (see the "aarch64" files):

Index of /dist/stable/2/any/2.4.2/
redirectionio-agent_2.4.2-1_any_aarch64.sha256sum    08-Sep-2022 15:03         188
redirectionio-agent_2.4.2-1_any_aarch64.sig          08-Sep-2022 15:03    10424675
redirectionio-agent_2.4.2-1_any_aarch64.tar.gz       08-Sep-2022 15:02    10526417
redirectionio-agent_2.4.2-1_any_amd64.sha256sum      08-Sep-2022 14:50         186
redirectionio-agent_2.4.2-1_any_amd64.sig            08-Sep-2022 14:50    10012569
redirectionio-agent_2.4.2-1_any_amd64.tar.gz         08-Sep-2022 14:50    10084589"

The latest version of the stable agent is also always available in

We do not propose distribution-specific packages for these ARM versions for the moment, so you will have to build your own systemd unit service file to run the agent. However, the agent tar.gz archive contains a redirectionio-agenty.service systemd file, that you will usually want to put under /etc/systemd/system/

Description=Redirectionio Agent



ExecStart=/usr/bin/redirectionio-agent --config-file ${RIO_PATH_CONF}/agent.yml


You are now ARMed to perform smooth redirections on your website! ✨