Negation Support for Method and Backend Response Status Code Triggers

We have recently improved the the rules system by introducing negation support for the "Method" and "Backend Response Status Code" triggers, providing you with greater flexibility and control over rule execution.

In a rule, Triggers define the conditions that incoming HTTP requests must meet for the rule to be applied. For example, the "Method" trigger filters requests based on the HTTP method used, while the "Backend Response Status Code" trigger allows you to restrict triggering based on the status code generated by your backend application.

With our latest update, you can now utilize negation for these triggers. For example, you can define rules that trigger when the HTTP method is not GET or POST, or when the backend response status code is not 200 or 301. This new capability enables you to refine your rule logic and execute specific actions based on negated conditions.

Method trigger with excluded values

The feature is immedialtely available for the customers who use our "hosted instances" or the managed Cloudflare workers. Other deployment modes (nginx or Apache modules, agent reverse proxy, manually added Cloudflare worker, Fastly Compute@Edge, etc.) needs to be updated to use at least the agent 2.7.0 or libredirectionio 2.8.0.

To learn more about negation support and explore other features of the rules system, refer to our documentation about triggers. We value your feedback and are continuously working to improve our services based on your needs. Thank you for choosing as your trusted solution for efficient traffic management!