Does your website run well? Say hello to our weekly digest!

Many users have made our logs trail a central part of their strategy to discover traffic issues, and ultimately ensure that their website is running smoothly. Some of them even explained us that they keep a sticky browser tab with opened, to regularly check "how things go well".

But in the meantime, some other users were missing a long-asked feature, a regular reminder that would ping them if something was going wrong. While is a great solution to monitor the traffic of your website and ensure that it runs well without issues, not everyone has the reflex to check the logs on a daily basis. As they say: what works too well tends to be forgotten!

This is the reason why we are launching today a new weekly digest email, available to all our customers right now 🎉 It features all the important information about your project, and all the events that occurred the week before:

  • how did the traffic evolve? 📈
  • did new errors happen, that should need some attention (and maybe new redirect rules)? 🔃
  • how is your project secure? Did you enable 2FA? 🔐
  • were new rules published in the project? ✍
  • are your agent instances healthy, or do they need upgrades? ⏩

For more readability and efficiency, the weekly digest email embeds some charts so you can notice issues in a matter of seconds:

The traffic summary chart, as embedded in the weekly traffic digest email

To enable this new weekly digest, head to your profile preferences. There, you can subscribe to receive this weekly email for all or some of your projects. Of course, if you manage dozen of projects, you may not want to receive as many emails as you have projects, so pick only the most important ones!

Once done, simply wait for next Monday morning, and you'll get some news of your website 🙂