Introducing the Aggregated Logs Details Panel: Explore Your Traffic Logs with Ease!

We're pleased to announce the addition of the Aggregated Logs Details Panel to the manager. This new feature brings convenience and efficiency to your analysis of HTTP traffic logs, allowing you to delve deeper into your most frequent requests.

In the logs screen of the manager, you can already group requests by various criteria like URL, HTTP method, response status code, and user agent. However, we've now made it even better by enabling the display of details for grouped requests.

For example, if you want to examine the most frequently requested URLs, simply group the requests by URL and click on a specific URL. You'll instantly access a comprehensive list of matching requests, complete with a preview of the most recent ones. You can easily navigate through these requests using the intuitive "next" and "previous" buttons.

This small yet handy feature provides valuable insights into your traffic logs, allowing you to quickly identify any issues or patterns. It's perfect for troubleshooting or conducting in-depth analysis.

We strive to make your experience with the manager as seamless as possible, and Aggregated Logs Details is another step towards achieving that goal.

If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is ready to help!