The "Add a Long Cache Duration for Website Images" recipe streamlines the process of configuring extended cache durations for all images served by a website. Cache-control directives play a pivotal role in dictating how browsers store and retrieve content. By extending the cache duration for images, website owners can significantly enhance website performance, reduce server load, and deliver a faster and more responsive user experience.

Why Install This Recipe?

Performance Optimization: A longer cache duration for images ensures that users' browsers store these assets for an extended period. Subsequent visits to the website result in faster load times as the images are retrieved locally from the user's cache, reducing server requests.

Reduced Bandwidth Usage: By encouraging browsers to cache images for a longer duration, the recipe minimizes the need for repeated downloads. This translates to reduced bandwidth usage, particularly beneficial for users with limited data plans.

Improved User Experience: Faster load times contribute to an improved overall user experience, enhancing satisfaction and engagement. Users can navigate the website more seamlessly, leading to higher retention rates.

Cache Duration Best Practices

Balancing Act: While a longer cache duration improves performance, striking a balance is crucial. Consider the frequency of image updates on your website; infrequently changing images can have longer cache durations.

Versioning Strategy: Implement a versioning strategy for frequently updated images. Append version numbers or timestamps to filenames to force cache refresh when changes occur.

Use Cache Busting Techniques: Leverage cache-busting techniques, such as adding query parameters to image URLs, to ensure that updated images are fetched by browsers even if the cache duration is long.

How to install this recipe on my website with

Installing this recipe on your website requires the following steps:

  1. Click on "Install on my website": Initiate the installation by clicking the "Install on my website" button. This action creates and deploys the necessary cache-control rules for all images.
  2. Review the created rule: Confirm that the rules accurately reflect the intended configuration, ensuring a long cache duration is applied uniformly to all images served by your website. Publish on Your Website:
  3. Publish the rules: Finalize the installation by publishing the rules on your website. The "Add a Long Cache Duration for Website Images" recipe ensures optimized image caching, contributing to a faster and more efficient website.