Success Story: How Intertoys managed redirects for an exceptional online experience

Intertoys Company Overview

Founded in 1976, Intertoys has grown from having 3 stores to becoming the largest chain of toy stores in the Netherlands. The chain is headquartered in Amsterdam and has a combination of flagship and franchise stores. It has stores in 200+ locations across Europe and an e-commerce portal. The stores have an extension range of toys, electronics and multimedia for children and adults.

The Challenge

Apart from the wide range of toys, Intertoys distinguishes itself with easy accessibility and superior customer service. With the desire to maintain this throughout their offline and online presence, Intertoys decided to do a web migration to improve various aspects of the UX. However, managing a website migration brought about many unique challenges.

On top of that, with new toys and games being introduced regularly, prices changing and time-bound offers, the website structure was constantly changing with new pages being added and URLs being redirected. As a result, the website had a seemingly endless number of redirects that were difficult to maintain. Thus, the company sought a sustainable solution to minimize the risk of errors and ensure a smooth customer experience.


Intertoys sought a solution that empowered them to:

  1. Perform a seamless web migration
  2. Configure and manage redirections efficiently without involving developers
  3. Optimize time and resource allocation

The Solution

The search for an effective solution to manage their web migration led Intertoys to As a collaborative SaaS solution, ensured a quick, secure and resilient web migration, all while maintaining SEO and web performance.

Further, their effectiveness at managing ongoing redirections and preserving SEO made them the ideal choice.’s user-friendly interface and capabilities reduced the dependency on developers. This empowered the team to manage redirects independently and made the process easier to manage.


In leveraging, Intertoys achieved significant outcomes across key areas:

βœ“ Seamless web migration allowed Intertoys to complete a secure, error-free migration within a quick 6-week timeframe.

βœ“ Improved traffic and performance

In addition to easing the management of redirects, simplified error identification and resolution. In turn, this reduced the drop-off rate and boosted website traffic.

βœ“ Reduced dependency on dev teams

The user-friendly interface empowered teams to create and manage redirects independently thus reducing the pressure on developer teams.

βœ“ Enhanced efficiency

With, Intertoys was able to optimize the use of their resources and save time. By simplifying redirect management, the tech teams were able to focus on more strategic tasks thus making day-to-day functioning more efficient.

Future Plans

The successful completion of the initial project drove Intertoys to go on using the platform to maintain optimal website performance and give their customers a good user experience. continues to track redirects, clean up the website and monitor errors that may affect website performance. This allows the company to focus on other tasks that could bring more value to their customers. helped Intertoys save time. Its user-friendly platform allows our Ecommerce team to manage web traffic without the need for devs.

Mariska Buiter
Mariska Buiter
E-commerce Manager, Intertoys