The Ultimate Guide to Migrating Your Website Without Losing Traffic or Harming SEO

Website migration is a complex but sometimes needed process. It's a process that comes with a lot of risk that can result in lost SEO equity. To avoid this you need a clear plan, defined timelines, a well-rounded team and the right tools.

Whether you’re:

  • Switching from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Changing a domain name
  • Changing URL pathways
  • Redesigning or rebuilding your site

A successful website migration hinges on planning. Our Ultimate Guide to Migrating Your Website provides an overview on what website migration is, its risks associated with SEO and an in-depth checklist for each phase (pre-migration, launch, and post-migration) to help you ensure the best possible outcome.

Thinking about doing a website migration or have one coming up soon?

Our guide will help you migrate smoothly.