Success Story: How Luca Faloni Achieved a Seamless CMS Change

Luca Faloni Company Overview

Luca Faloni, founded in 2014, is a luxury menswear brand known for its high-quality clothing and accessories crafted using traditional Italian craftsmanship. The brand prides itself on sourcing premium materials and tasking the nation's best artisans to create timeless pieces such as cashmere sweaters, silk ties, and leather accessories. With a commitment to sustainability, Luca Faloni operates in multiple countries, appealing to customers who value timeless style and refined craftsmanship.

The Challenge

The challenge encompassed a comprehensive migration process, transitioning from the previous setup of two separate sites—a European Union (EU) site and a global site—to a unified ecommerce platform. This migration also entailed a shift to a different CMS due to the limitations encountered with the original platform. To do this, they needed a solution equipped with various features.


Luca Faloni sought to select a solution that allowed them to:

  1. Easily launch and manage redirections
  2. Configure multiple types of redirections

The Solution

Luca Faloni chose out of various tools on the market to effectively address their redirection management needs. The header triggers redirects (redirects based on user preferred language), general redirects from the old to the new site and redirections from one subdomain to another were the exact features they were looking for.

The user-friendly interface allowed their web developers and marketing teams to easily launch all of the different needed redirects from a single platform and within a few clicks.

Luca Faloni also appreciated the reactiveness and support gave them. From the demo to after mission completion, the team ensured that Luca Faloni’s mission went as smoothly as possible by checking in through every step of the way.

We looked at a lot of tools on the market before deciding on Ultimately, had the easiest to use interface and all the advanced features needed to fully deploy and manage our redirections. It was easy-to-use, intuitive and the customer support was unmatched.

Mohammed Al Hashamy
Mohammed Al Hashamy
Web Developer, Luca Faloni


In leveraging, Luca Faloni achieved significant outcomes across key areas:

✓ Effortless CMS Migration

Luca Faloni seamlessly redirected traffic from their old EU and worldwide websites to their new CMS using

✓ Improved User Experience

During the migration, ensured a seamless and error-free experience for Luca Faloni's customers, enhancing user satisfaction.

✓ Continued Tool Integration

Post-migration, Luca Faloni's teams continue to utilize for redirect management, underscoring its ongoing value.

Future Plans

Luca Faloni’s developers and marketing teams continue to use today. After having chosen out of a pool of redirection solutions, they are confident in using the tool to ensure top website performance and user experience.