Success Story: How Kiloutou migrated their website with

Kiloutou Company Overview

As a major player in equipment, the Kiloutou Group provides product and service solutions to a diverse range of industries. Founded in 1980, the Kiloutou group offers the widest array of rental equipment on the market, with over 200,000 pieces of equipment including personnel lifting, earthmoving, and construction equipment, utility vehicles, audio-visual products, and more.

  • Headquarters: Villeneuve, France
  • Industry: Equipment rental services
  • Turnover: €1.018 Million (2022)
  • Employees: +5,000

The Challenge

Kiloutou always strives to work efficiently, boost performance, and deliver top-notch services to customers. They realized these values were crucial for managing their website too. However, dealing with redirections posed challenges. Access rights were often unavailable and hard to trace. Additionally, since Kiloutou's website was custom-built, they had to do redirections manually, resulting in a loss of time and potential errors. This issue intensified when they had to migrate to a new version of their website. To ensure a smooth migration without missing pages and guarantee traffic and SEO visibility, Kiloutou sought a fool-proof solution.


  1. Make managing redirections more efficient
  2. Migrate their website safely and reliably
  3. Ensure their website was managed in a way that improves SEO and website traffic

The Solution

In their search for a dependable tool, Kiloutou opted for to ensure proper management of their website. They chose over other options because of its effectiveness in handling redirection plans, especially during complex migrations.'s capability to guarantee a secure migration while preserving SEO and website traffic made it the clear choice. It's easy onboarding, user-friendly interface, and efficient performance made the whole process easier.

The solution was perfect and scalable over time. Without, the migration phase would have been longer and more chaotic.


In leveraging, Kiloutou achieved significant outcomes across key areas:

✓ Secured web migration

Thanks to, Kiloutou safely and reliably migrated their entire website without errors

✓ Enhanced efficiency

With, they were able to gain in efficiency and speed in managing their redirects during and after migration

✓ Increased web performance and traffic

With automated website crawls, they could instantly identify and fix error page, reduce drop offs and increase their web traffic

✓ Sustained profitability

Without, they would have faced a loss of traffic and SEO visibility, which would have impacted their turnover.

Future Plans

Kiloutou plans to continue using to manage various aspects of their website including the robots.txt file and sitemap. Fortunately, they no longer have to carry these tasks out in-house. They can depend on to automate and secure website management so they can continue to focus on bringing more value to their customers.

The solution was perfect and scalable over time. During the migration it enabled us to set up the redirections. Then we wanted to set up a robot.txt file and a sitemap.xml file. The tool made it super easy to set this up. Without, the migration phase would have been longer and more chaotic.

I can't see myself going back and managing my redirections like before. Of course, today, if I had to change company or job, I'd need Today, those who do without are either brave, or they have an in-house solution.

Grégory Bruniau
Grégory Bruniau
Traffic Manager, Kiloutou