Success Story: How Eye Wish Opticiens Achieved Seamless Web Migration

Eye Wish Opticiens Company Overview

Eye Wish Opticiens is one of the largest optician chains in the Netherlands, with over 150 shops across the country. Established in 1934 the company has grown from a single optician shop to a large chain of independent opticians. Providing premium eyewear, they offer glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses to customers in more than 70 countries around the world.

  • Industry: Retail / Optician Chain
  • Headquarters: Soesterberg, Netherlands
  • Website:

The Challenge

Eye Wish Opticiens wanted to centralize their domains of .com, .nl and .de, into one single domain, ending in .com. However, migrating hundreds of web pages with over 100,000 views every month was a delicate task. The existing method of using a htaccess file proved to be challenging and time-consuming, prompting the need for a more efficient solution. To be able to properly perform their migration, they had to secure a solution that would ensure seamless, reliable redirections.


Eye Wish sought to select a solution that allowed them to:

  1. Ensure proper redirects management and website performance
  2. Configure redirections properly without needing coding or tech team involvement
  3. Gain visibility over redirection accuracy and website health

The Solution

Eye Wish Opticiens turned to to effectively address their redirection management needs. The bulk import feature offered by facilitated a seamless migration with minimal manual effort, completely automating and securing the process.’s capability to do wildcard redirects enabled Eye Wish to easily forward multiple URLs to a single destination URL. It also empowered them to manage the websites traffic without needing to involve other stakeholders or the IT team. Unlike their previous solution, provided the simplicity and functionality they required to manage a wide range of tasks.'s user-friendly interface made the process seamless and efficient, saving us time and avoiding potential errors


In leveraging, Eye Wish achieved significant outcomes across key areas:

βœ“ Secured Web Migration

With, Eye Wish Opticiens achieved a secure and error-free migration from .nl and .de domains to the .com project.

βœ“ Enhanced Efficiency

The bulk import and automation features improved efficiency and saved time, allowing teams to focus on value added responsibilities rather than manual labor.

βœ“ Sustained Traffic & Profitability

By ensuring a smooth migration without 404 errors, Eye Wish Opticiens maintained traffic and SEO visibility, preserving their profitability during the transition.

Future Plans

Eye Wish Opticiens continues to leverage to manage their redirections and monitor website performance. With the platform's reliability and ease of use, they are confident in maintaining optimal web functionality and user experience. provided us with the perfect solution for our domain migration needs. Its bulk import feature and user-friendly interface made the process seamless and efficient, saving us time and avoiding potential errors.

Laurens Buur
Laurens Buur
Digital Marketing Specialist, Eye Wish Opticiens