Success Story: How Dayuse optimized SEO without burdening their dev team Company Overview

Present in 25 countries, Dayuse is the world leader in daytime hotel reservations. Dayuse keeps pace with changing consumer trends by inventing a new way to experience hotels. With over 7,500 hotel partners, they provide value to both consumers and hotels alike.

  • Website:
  • Headquarters: Paris, France
  • Industry: Hospitality Tech
  • Employees: 100+

The Challenge

With multiple domains and numerous web pages accessible in 11 languages, Dayuse operates a highly complex website. Committed to excellence in all they do, they aimed to uphold an exceptional standard of quality for their website as well. However, the intricacy of their website presented challenges, especially when managing redirections.

Navigating all the complexities involved required them to engage their tech team each and every time a page required a redirection. Without proper visibility, they were unable to monitor the ripple effects a change would have on their website, leading to unforeseen issues. To ensure secure redirections, optimized SEO, and a seamless user experience, Dayuse set out to find a solution.


Dayuse sought to select a solution that allowed them to:

  1. Configure redirections properly without needing coding or tech team involvement
  2. Gain visibility over redirection accuracy and website health
  3. Ensure proper htaccess management and website performance

The Solution

In their search for an effective tool, Dayuse selected to achieve seamless, reliable redirection management. They chose over other options because of its fool-proof redirection process and technical quality. As a collaborative SaaS solution, brought benefits to their SEO team and their web development agency alike. The simplicity of the tool mixed with its comprehensive capacity allowed Dayuse to easily do impact tests and detect errors before making a page go live.

Without, we would have been stuck with doing traditional redirects, which were a burden for our developers. Now, we’ve completely relieved them thanks to this easy-to-use tool.

Bilal Sebaa
Bilal Sebaa
SEO Manager, Dayuse


In leveraging, Dayuse achieved positive result across key areas:

βœ“ Enhanced Web performance

With a streamlined htaccess, Dayuse now no longer experiences issues related redirections, thus improving their user experience.

βœ“ Reduced burden on teams

Since their redirections are now easily managed on, Dayuse no longer needs to request the time of a developer, allowing their tech team to focus on their core objectives.

βœ“ Increased business opportunities

With’s log analysis, Dayuse detects 500 errors in their conversion tunnel, ensuring a seamless purchase journey for users without interruptions.

Future Plans

Dayuse continues to use to manage their redirections and monitor their website performance, including 500 errors, 404 errors, and many more. Dayuse rests assured that with, they secure SEO performance, fortify the buying journey, and maximize online sales.