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Creation 2013

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Understanding search intent is what drives every strategy at Clustaar. We enable our clients to derive actionable insights from what their targets are looking for on the web, in chatbots or say in reviews in order to create traffic and improve their products and services. Clustaar also believes in a vision of SEO support as close as possible to client teams through the management system.

Jérémy Arent
Jérémy Arent
SEO Manager

Can you describe what is Clustaar doing?

Clustaar makes SEO consultants and data scientists work hand in hand to exploit the data collected in the best possible way thanks to a panel of tools developed internally: Clustaar Insights (semantic market research), CMS Boost (intelligent optimization of internal linking), analysis of customer reviews... Clustaar also believes in a vision of SEO support as close as possible to customer teams through the management system. Our consultants will spend time directly with clients to be closer to them and streamline all the process of recommendations and implementation.

We mainly accompany large accounts in B2C-oriented sectors: travel, energy, cosmetics, ready-to-wear, etc. The diversity of our portfolio allows the team members to share tips between each others to provide accurate services to our customers.

Why redirection.io and Clustaar are sharing projects?

redirection.io has become essential in log analysis.
It occupies a prominent place in our recurring monitoring.

The use of redirection.io is a double objective in here :

  • We needed a fast and efficient solution in order to better manage the redirections necessary for the various modifications carried out on the site (menu change; page lifecycle; ephemeral pages, etc.). Its main advantage is to avoid going through tickets to the development teams to modify the HTaccess, and to have a tool allowing the direct implementation of the necessary redirections.
  • We also had some difficulties retrieving server logs, the tool has become essential in log analysis. It occupies a prominent place in our recurring monitoring in order to detect any crawl problem on the Google side.

How did you integrate redirection.io in your offer?

At Clustaar, we are used to personalizing each of our support proposals according to the needs and gaps in the tools that we can identify with our prospects. redirection.io is therefore an integral part of the panel of market tools that we can suggest in order to offer the most relevant collaboration possible.

Was are the direct benefits using redirection.io

  • The first point will focus on the redirects put in place. We were able to establish lifecycle methodologies for the different pages at our client's premises in order to avoid stopping the crawl by arriving on unpublished / or in error pages.
  • The second metric will focus more on logs which allow us to set up an alerting system whether at SEO level or at website infrastructure level.

What feature of the product do you prefer?

Currently, the functionality that in our opinion has the most added value remains the monitoring of logs which allows us to move more quickly on structuring topics for our client on the SEO side.

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